You all KNOW that 2016 was a red letter year for me - the awards, the move to ATL, TV engagements, etc. I'm so excited to 'hit the ground running' this new year. Jay Harris (K100) and I have an AMAZING new podcast radio show with LIVE HIP HOP DAILY (9pm-11pm)!
 It's called, 'Monday Night Live'. Each week we have the JUICE on celebrities, the week's hot topics, comedy, special guests. We have also, of course, The 'Royaltii' segment, which is part of my brand. Jay Harris #YeahISaidIt definitely brings his own to the table as well! 
Would YOU like to be interviewed on our show? Do YOU have something you'd like to bring to the table, or want to hear about on 'Monday Night Live'? 
EMAIL US:  wearelivehiphopdaily@gmail.com or mnlsubmissions@gmail.com
Hey! What ARE YOU DOING this year?

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